Touring Rates (May vary by city)

$ 500 Hour (Limited)

Bookings over 60 mins are favored and prioritized.


$750 90 Mins 

$1000 2 Hours 

See Executive Column and below for additional Rates.

Atlanta Rates

Intro Hour



VIP Express

$700 90 Mins

$800 2 Hours

(2 Hours minimum for Atlanta incall)

Additional Rates Below

The Executive

$1200 (3 Hours)

This package is designed for the suitor who understands the importance of taking time off and prefers to establish steady associations. 



$1600 (4 Hours)

The leadership roles you take on comes with making difficult decisions. You’re dedicated to your professional life. Sacrifice the time and enjoy the luxury companiship you deserve.

The Traveler (Overnight/Fly Me To You starting Rate)

$2000 (Contact for Additional Rates)

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Tyra Tinley offers clients a number of VIP service choices to cater to your preferred level of personal desire and companionship need. 

This package varies in price based on location.

Personal accommodations required.

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